An impact can be made in a single moment.  Imagine if you had 2 weeks to make an impact.  How many “moments” could occur in those 2 weeks? 

For Charlie Cavanagh, unfortunately this question was a reality.  There were “moments” at the hospital when Keegan and Kiernan were not able to be there but through the impact of Charlie (and maybe a greater power), Brendan and Sarah were able to meet “Keegan” and “Kiernan” there.  I know that Charlie’s impact on me has allowed me to strengthen my relationship with what is now know as the GE (Glen Ellyn) Cavanaghs.  I have strengthened my relationship with Brendan, as evident in his gifting me beer in exchange for services of babysitting Keegan.  Sarah and I have always shared a love of pizza.  I am not as passionate about the 50/50 raffle as she is but because of her, I acknowledge it more and find myself wasting money on it.

 There have been a few times when I feel like I may have “scarred” Keegan with some of my jokes and pranks.  Now, though, I love getting together and playing with him/letting him hit me.  Why do I always have to be the Joker? 

Perhaps one of the biggest impacts from Charlie has been the relationship that I have formed with my Goddaughter Erin.  It makes total sense as I was the one that tricked Sarah into telling me that they were having a girl.  I have watched Erin grow in the last 14 months, smile like crazy, and love the baby shark do do do song.  Damn that’s a catchy tune!  Maybe these relationships would be as strong without Charlie but I feel like his impact, his moments, really drove this. 

I even find myself (as a passionate Chicago Cubs fan) embracing the red cardinal.  So ask yourself, what kind of impact can I make?  Charlie only had 2 weeks and his impact has been amazing. 


                                                                        Uncle Darren, The Joker

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