Charlie’s Corner is a foundation we designed to honor Charlie Cavanagh and help spread his legacy.   The mission of this charity is to create fun events that bring family, friends and community together that help support great causes.

So a little about our story…

Charlie Cavanagh was born on his big brother’s birthday.   He was born happy and healthy and with a full head of hair which led to many jokes at his dad’s expense.   After a couple days he became sick and fought for two weeks.  He had contracted the Herpes HSV 1 virus and he could not get rid of it and sadly passed away on May 13th, 2016.   Charlie taught us that no matter how little you are or how short your time is on this earth, you can make a big impact which is what he did.   Charlie’s Corner is dedicated to spreading the love, caring and courage we witnessed and supporting newborns and families by creating fun events that bring family, friends and community together.

With love

Erin, Keegan, Sarah, and Brendan